I Believe In Film

No matter the advances made in digital photography, I will always believe in film.

I believe in film because our parents documented our childhoods with disposable cameras and their parents captured their childhoods through the lenses of clunky point and shoot Polaroids. I remember discovering rolls of film in the family junk drawer and looking through what seemed to be endless albums of photographs with the dates printed on. I remember having disposable cameras at slumber parties and taking my first photos of dolls and dogs.

There are names and dates scribbled on the back in Nana's handwriting, dad's eyes are always discolored. These photos are underexposed and overexposed; the Polaroids are yellow with age and developed a little too blue around the edges and they are all perfect. For me, the imperfections of film hold a sincerity that digital photography never will. There is something so candid about film photography that lends itself to better story telling and this is exactly what I believe in.

With film there is no taking 100 shots of the same moment to get one perfect picture. There isn't the instant gratification, even with Polaroids that need sometimes 30 minutes to fully develop, that we have today with iPhones, Instagram, and the like. There is the actual moment that you are fully present in where the act of taking a picture does not so much remove you from what is happening, but becomes a part of the experience.

I believe in film because I because I want my kids to see their parents in the most honest light. I want them to see my unedited skin and the way my hair looked in college and the way dad looked when we first met. I want them to sit down on the floor and hold these memories in their small hands and laugh and leave smudge marks behind and hear the stories of what life was like before them. But most of all, I want to capture their childhoods in its raw and beautiful imperfections. I want them to find rolls of film hiding in the kitchen and look through photo albums. I to find that they borrowed the camera to use an entire roll of film on their stuffed animals or the neighbor's cat.
I want them to have photo albums to show their kids someday too.

So no matter how hard it will become to get my hands on rolls of film, or find a place to develop my photos, I will not give up on film.


Thoughts / Things #6

A moment spent on traffic court:
1. I just went to traffic court for the first time this month for a speeding ticket - my first, which I acquired on the interstate (frustratingly five minutes away from my apartment).
2. My traffic court experience took place in a small town courtroom that has managed to remain the same since the 70s. This was the only pleasant detail I can provide. When it was my turn the judge gave me a speech that made me cry...
3. Needless to say, do yourself a favor and avoid traffic courts at all costs because it is as just as unpleasant as you could dream it to be.

Books to read:
 1. "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love" - Raymond Carver
 2. "The Road" - Cormac McCarthy 
 3. "Lolita" - Vladimir Nabokov 
 4. "My Misspent Youth" - Meghan Daum 
 5. "The White Album: Essays" - Joan Didion

Albums to listen to:
1. Burn Your Fire For No Witness - Angel Olsen
2.  Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit - Courtney Barnett
3. Human Performance - Parquet Courts
4. Blue Cheese - Kane Strang
5. All or Nothin' - Nikki Lane


IN4 #6

Inspiration In Four: 
1. Marilyn Monroe 4evr. This is my favorite photo of her (also currently my screen saver).
2. I have been loving textiles and silks lately- especially this one *heart eyes* (Textile Fragment with a Repeating Pattern of Interlocked Tulips and Poppies. Fragment Date: ca. 1628–58 Geography: India or Iran Culture: Islamic Medium: Silk, metal-wrapped thread; plain weave, brocaded.)
3. These pinky- peachy hues are my colors rn. See @rennes._ on IG for more from this clothing line
4. My bb love Sarah introduced me to Amy Harrity's perfect photography. V into her work lately. (http://amyharrity.tumblr.com)



 Some of my favorite moments from spring break in Austin with boo.

1. One night we walked from SoCo down to meet my v cool uncle for dinner at Shady Grove. The weather was perfect for eating Tex-Mex under string lights and Honey, I Shrunk The Kids played in the background.

2. Cam and I scavenged for enamel pins for our new thrifted denim jackets. He scored big and we celebrated with Jo's coffee (one of my favorite spots).

3. Cam and I drank margaritas with my grandparents and watched the sunset at the Oasis. It was beautiful. And after, we met up with my uncle to eat donuts and shop around Waterloo for records.


~ bish dont kill my vibe ~

Thrifted denim is the best denim (especially when you can find the perfect fit for $3).
Beautiful friends who delight in you and your beauty are the best friends.


Thoughts / Things #5

A moment spent on making friends:
1. Go out on the possibly uncomfortable first friend date.
2. Go out again
3. ... and again... and be there... and hug... and honeslty share what is going on in your life... and listen... and smell flowers... and say, "I love you," and "You are beautiful."

Books to read:
 1.  Ada Limón's "Bright Dead Things" (5 stars)
 2. The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides (5 stars / new favorite)

Things to listen to:
1. Shrines - Purity Ring
2. untitled unmastered. - Kendrick


SS in Spring

"My heart has several invisible strings that attach to different beings, different things; your heart is on the end of the pale pink colored one.

It's long and it's thin, and it's sweet, and it wraps loosely around me and carries off into the distance. I long to grab that string and reel you in, & take your hand & share something with you..." - Sarah Stracke


IN4 #5

Inspiration In Four: 
1. This continuous line drawing. I've been loving these lately.
2. The detailing on this Givenchy Spring 2016 piece
3. This shirt. HELLO. The colors and thread wowie wow.
4. Can this couch-chandelier combo exist in my living room pls?


Sara Lilas Walker

 I love Sara Lilas Walker (if you met her, you would too).
She has been filling my days with sweet talks, coffee, and walks.
See the beautiful things she makes at http://www.saralilaswalker.com